Frequently Asked Question

Most people are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to shopping for a mattress. We are pleased to share some of the frequently asked questions posted by our customers through the years.

Is it important to have a good sleep?

Nothing refreshes the tired body and fatigue mind like a good sleep. Just like eating right and exercising. Sleep can affect your mental well-being and improve immunity.

Which mattress is the best?

There is simply no “best mattress” of any kind from any brand. A mattress that suits one individual may not be suitable for you. After all, we are built differently (height & weight), with different preferences, habits and sleeping postures.Therefore, always tryout a variety of mattresses with the help of a qualified consultant before you decide on any purchase.

Does firmer mattress offers better support?

Although it seems just logical that the firmer a surface is, the better the support. However, when it come to buying a mattress, its comfort level is an important factor to consider. The determination of firmness is also subjected to your height, weight and sleeping position (distribution of weight over the sleeping area). Most importantly, your preference must be taken into consideration.

Why do I wake up with stiff neck and back every morning?

Your back and neck is stiffer in the morning because of the increased fluid and pressure in the disc and the tightening of your muscles due to lack of movement during your sleep. These discomforts are sometimes caused by the our activities in the day.

It is important to know that your pillow, just like your mattress can affect the quality of your sleep and it has to support and keep the spine in proper alignment for a well rested sleep.

Do children need a good mattress?

Most parents have the misconception that a child does not need a good mattress as they are still small in size and light in weight and any mattress will probably not make a difference.

However, much to the contrary, a good mattress with correct level of support is crucial to a child’s growing musculoskeletal system.

How to do a "Sleep Test" when shopping for a mattress?

Select a mattress and lie down in your common sleeping position. Evaluate the level of comfort and support. Ask the sleep consultant to recommend mattresses with similar support or indicate your preference as compared to the set that you have just tried. Repeat the test until you find a suitable mattress. Partners should always shop together.

Should you pass down an old mattress to your child or parent?

If a mattress is no longer providing you with the comfort and support that you need, it is also not good enough for anyone else. Remember, the mattress that was once suitable for you may not even serve the needs of your child nor parents when it is new as everyone is built differently and has a different set of needs to fulfil when getting a mattress for a good night’s sleep.


Our founders built the Eastman House Brand on the tradition of developing quality sleep products to meet the comfort and support needs of our customers. Today, we are continuing that tradition of giving you the best choice for a better night’s sleep on a mattress that will cradle you in elegant comfort for many years.


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