Mattress Cover

Our Mattress Cover

Eastman House combines the wonderful properties that nature has to offer into our mattress covers to let you enjoy the comfort and luxury of a blissful sleep.

Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

Referred to as “the Black Diamond” in Japan and Southeast Asia, it is created by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees.
– Antimicrobial – Effectively decomposes the micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.
– Moisture Regulation – Filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes which allows better moisture absorption and ventilation to keep the user comfortable.
– Promotes Better Health – Realises high level of negative ions that is beneficial for users’ health.

Silk Fabric

Created by the silk worms and its processing and weaving technics held in secret by the Chinese for thousands of years, the silk fibres possess useful characteristics.
– Hypoallergenic – Inhibits allergens, dust mites and fungus
– Regulates Heat – Naturally keeps you cool when it is warm outside and warm when it is cool outside.
– Reduces Humidity – Absorbs excessive moisture to create a dry and comfortable sleeping surface.
– Natural Fiber – High tensile strength.

Nano Silver Fabric

A valuable material with many uses since ancient days, silver has also been valued for it health benefits.
– Anti-Bacterial – Possess the ability to kill over 650 micro-organisms.
– Anti-fungi – Keeps Mattress fungus free in high humidity environment.
– Odour-reducing – Its ability to kill micro-organisms also result in removal of odours.

Aloe Vera Fabric

Best known for its natural healing properties, Aloe Vera has been used for medication as well as beauty purposes since ancient civilisation.
– Beneficial to the skin – Rich in nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, aloe vera can help soothes and regenerate the skin.
– Hypoallergenic – Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungus
– Luxurious Comfort – Smooth and softer fabric surface

Milk Fabric

Milk protein fabric is made out of skimmed milk and contains around fifteen types of amino acid extracts that helps in the nourishment of the skin and makes it healthier.
– Anti-Microbial – The amino acids in the fiber make it antibacterial and anti-fungal.
– Soft and Smooth – It is glossy and luxurious in appearance, feel and comfortability, just like silk.
– Regulates Humidity – It is naturally hygroscopic and absorbs moisture very well.


Our founders built the Eastman House Brand on the tradition of developing quality sleep products to meet the comfort and support needs of our customers. Today, we are continuing that tradition of giving you the best choice for a better night’s sleep on a mattress that will cradle you in elegant comfort for many years.


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