Pocket Spring

Our Pocketed Spring System

The specially designed sleep system is made of highly durable wire coils that have been heat-treated, oil-tempered and pre-compressed during its manufacturing process.

Each coil is individually wrapped in durable fabric pocket and the pocketed coils are then joined together using the 3-point Heat-Glue technique. This technique allows each coil to move independently and flexibly, providing better spinal support and minimizes disturbance.

Eastman House provides a variety of Pocketed Spring Systems to suit your needs and preferences. Each system has a unique configuration and differs in height, wire thickness and convolutions, creating different firmness and feel.

Please check with our stores for more details.


Our founders built the Eastman House Brand on the tradition of developing quality sleep products to meet the comfort and support needs of our customers. Today, we are continuing that tradition of giving you the best choice for a better night’s sleep on a mattress that will cradle you in elegant comfort for many years.


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